Do you have an online business, store or website?

Do you have a Safaricom Till Number or Paybill Number?

Do you wish to integrate into M-Pesa or Lipa na M-Pesa and receive payment notifications automatically from your site?

Well, Proxy API has the right service for you!

We have developed a new integration named Pay via Proxy API that enables merchants and developers with online stores to easily integrate into Safaricom’s MPesa. The setup involves simply integrating a single button on your site that enables the client to initiate a Lipa na M-Pesa request from your site. By clicking on the button, a new window is opened, the client enters their phone number and an instant payment request is sent to their phone to complete the transaction. Simple, right?

Sample PVP LnM Request

This integration also combines Lipa na M-Pesa API and C2B API whereby the 3rd party/merchant or developer receives two callbacks: one from from Daraja and the other from Proxy API; or at least one callback from either, on successful completion of the request. This enables one to have more stability on their system and not have missing callbacks sometimes seen when using the Lipa na M-Pesa (LnM) API alone. This also means, for any unconfirmed callback, the 3rd party can check for the missing transaction on the Proxy API portal, similar to Query Checkout API on Daraja. This is a feature that will be integrated soon.

After initiating the request, the 3rd party can expect either one or both callbacks from Daraja or Proxy API. The callback from Proxy API comes from the C2B integration that will be automatically handled by Proxy API. This enables one to crosscheck both the LnM callback and Proxy API callback for the details of the transaction, whichever comes first.

Check out more info on the documentation available here.

Then begin onboarding here pap! 🙂