Upcoming M-Pesa API

So, I have been working on a new API. It will simply be dubbed “Proxy API

Will probably be released in the next 2+ months.

Will be prepaid, based on tokens/credits per API call (so it can support itself)

It will be my version of Daraja, but with some new features I believe developers really need. They include (for v1 of the API):

  • Almost real-time logs views for selected API calls
  • Instant callback URL change, including for C2B, via UI
  • As complete Documentation as I can possibly write, in tutorial form similar to my past tutorials (but I think this is obvious)
  • Admin statistics page**
  • Simpler and more intuitive REST/JSON API interfaces

It will be directly connected to Broker API, thus as the name suggests, will be basically a proxy to the SOAP/XML API similar to Daraja, but providing a customized REST/JSON interface to it.

Unfortunately, the first version will not have Lipa na Mpesa/STK Push API available, since there is no other more stable alternative public connection to the STK Push system apart from Daraja to work with. If I or anyone else finds an alternative, I am open to suggestions.

Forgive me if my perfectionist mind does not work fast enough, We all know how much we need an improvement on Daraja.

Coming Soon :-)…