Proxy API

So, we have been working on a neat piece of art, an API for M-Pesa, named Proxy API. And am proud to announce it is ready! For quite some time, Developers have been trying (and mostly succeeding) in integrating with the First and Second generation M-Pesa APIs (G1 and G2 respectively). It was quite the […]

Co-op Bank Kenya API

So The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd. seems to have unveiled a developer portal and exposed quite a number of APIs to work with their back-ends. These include: Account Transactions Exchange Rate Internal Funds Transfer Pesalink Transaction Status Query Account Balance Account Transactions Check it out at Interesting times coming up… 🙂

Upcoming M-Pesa API

So, I have been working on a new API. It will simply be dubbed “Proxy API“ Will probably be released in the next 2+ months. Will be prepaid, based on tokens/credits per API call (so it can support itself) It will be my version of Daraja, but with some new features I believe developers really […]


There is a Challenge going around Local social circles (could be International) called the 52 Week Challenge. This challenge is a savings plan that seeks to motivate or encourage people to save a small amount each week, towards a final target at the end of the year. I have seen multiple variations of the challenge, […]

M-Pesa Portal Certificates

Safaricom’s M-Pesa portal, located at, requires you to have a pre-installed certificate that identifies you as a “valid” entity. If you have tried accessing this site and getting something similar to the below error or another access error/failure, it means the portal has refused your connection request due to absence of the SSL Certificate […]