M-Pesa Portal Certificates

This article is no longer valid as certificates are now no longer needed to access the portal. One now needs to only have the nominated phone to receive OTP. Safaricom’s M-Pesa portal, located at https://org.ke.m-pesa.com, requires you to have a pre-installed certificate that identifies you as a “valid” entity. If you have tried accessing this […]

M-Pesa / Daraja API Credentials

This is one of those articles you write when you have just had it, when like a hundred people keep asking the same question over and over again and can’t seem to understand, or just don’t want to do the work, and want to be spoon fed, or simply just can’t understand what the heck […]

Pay via ProxyAPI on WooCommerce

Hey All! We now have a new Plugin available for WooCommerce Clients and Admins backed by Proxy API! The new plugin enables one to accept Lipa na M-Pesa payments on their WooCommerce sites powered by Woo Pay via ProxyAPI plugin. The plugin is integrated to use the PVP functionality introduced in the PVP API and […]

Pay Via Proxy API

Do you have an online business, store or website? Do you have a Safaricom Till Number or Paybill Number? Do you wish to integrate into M-Pesa or Lipa na M-Pesa and receive payment notifications automatically from your site? Well, Proxy API has the right service for you! We have developed a new integration named Pay […]

Safaricom Tills API Integrations

To all merchants and developers out there who own or have Safaricom Tills and who wish to integrate into Safaricom APIs, this is for you. If you wish to integrate into MPesa API, you cannot use a Till number alone. Tills are like small kids or even babies around money. Ideally, people can give babies […]

Security on M-Pesa and Proxy API

Here is a topic which, I think, everyone wants or needs to hear/read about, but few, if any, have touched on…. Security on M-Pesa and its APIs. Am pretty sure most owners of Safaricom Shortcodes want to know how to secure their M-Pesa accounts and Internal Systems against malicious access or API calls by either […]

Proxy API

So, we have been working on a neat piece of art, an API for M-Pesa, named Proxy API. And we are proud to announce it is ready! For quite some time, Developers have been trying (and mostly succeeding) in integrating with the First and Second generation M-Pesa APIs (G1 and G2 respectively). It was quite […]

Co-op Bank Kenya API

So The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd. seems to have unveiled a developer portal and exposed quite a number of APIs to work with their back-ends. These include: Account Transactions Exchange Rate Internal Funds Transfer Pesalink Transaction Status Query Account Balance Account Transactions Check it out at https://developer.co-opbank.co.ke:9443/store/ Interesting times coming up… 🙂