Proxy API

So, we have been working on a neat piece of art, an API for M-Pesa, named Proxy API. And we are proud to announce it is ready! For quite some time, Developers have been trying (and mostly succeeding) in integrating with the First and Second generation M-Pesa APIs (G1 and G2 respectively). It was quite […]

M-Pesa Portal Certificates

Safaricom’s M-Pesa portal, located at, requires you to have a pre-installed certificate that identifies you as a “valid” entity. If you have tried accessing this site and getting something similar to the below error or another access error/failure, it means the portal has refused your connection request due to absence of the SSL Certificate […]

Security on M-Pesa and Proxy API

Here is a topic which, I think, everyone wants or needs to hear/read about, but few, if any, have touched on…. Security on M-Pesa and its APIs. Am pretty sure most owners of Safaricom Shortcodes want to know how to secure their M-Pesa accounts and Internal Systems against malicious access or API calls by either […]

M-Pesa B2B API

To all developers and shortcode owners… M-Pesa B2B API is now available on Proxy API! It currently supports Business Paybill, Business Buy Goods, and Business to Business Transfer command IDs. It will be charged starting at 0.1% of the transaction value, the lowest you can find anywhere, and decreases as the value increases when specific […]

Co-op Bank Kenya API

So The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd. seems to have unveiled a developer portal and exposed quite a number of APIs to work with their back-ends. These include: Account Transactions Exchange Rate Internal Funds Transfer Pesalink Transaction Status Query Account Balance Account Transactions Check it out at Interesting times coming up… 🙂

Upcoming M-Pesa API

So, I have been working on a new API. It will simply be dubbed “Proxy API“ Will probably be released in the next 2+ months. Will be prepaid, based on tokens/credits per API call (so it can support itself) It will be my version of Daraja, but with some new features I believe developers really […]


There is a Challenge going around Local social circles (could be International) called the 52 Week Challenge. This challenge is a savings plan that seeks to motivate or encourage people to save a small amount each week, towards a final target at the end of the year. I have seen multiple variations of the challenge, […]